Houston home safety security tips
The fact that you have top of the line security system it does not always prevent crime, it is unfortunate that sometimes we realize this after the fact. I had put together a few home safety and security tips to keep in mind at all times.

While ahome, be aware of your surroundings at all times and act as if you do not have a security system at homeMake sure to install keyless deadbolts, peepholes (door viewers) or that you have a door with a window panel in all exterior doors and always lock your keyless deadbolt while you are at home. Do not open the door without first looking through your peephole and making sure you know the person on the other side of the door; if you have minors at home make sure they understand the importance of this security measure, regardless of the age of the kids; stress the fact that they should not let anybody in the house or open the door without first checking with an adult first. Make sure all doors and windows are locked at all times. Ensure that if you have a slider door it is properly equipped with a security bar, and that is in place at all times. 

Houston home safety security tipsWhile walking from or to your car, be aware of your surroundings as well, try and park in well-lit areas, and avoid areas that are isolated with little traffic, always keep your keys in hand and lock the car as soon as you get in the car. Make sure to put valuables away from view when leaving your car to avoid break-ins. If you have a GPS in your car do not set your home address as "home" in your favorites, just enter it as any other address; if your car is stolen and you have a garage door opener, all the robber has to do is follow directions to the address set up as home and use the garage door opener to let themselves in your home.

Houston home safety security tips
If you get home and find any doors open, or your garage door opened, do not just assume you may have left It open I will suggest not to go in, step out to a secure area and call police and wait for them to get in and make sure it is secured for you to walk in to your house, last thing you want is to walk in to find intruders in your home.
In case of any emergency call 911 for non-emergency issues please call 411, rule of thumb to differentiate when to call which is: if your life is in danger or you feel threatened it is an emergency, if not and you only need information then it is a non-emergency issue, use your best judgment.

These tips are not meant for you to act paranoid all the time, they are just to make you aware and redundantly be aware of your surroundings and possible danger and by doing that is easier to notice if anything is out of the ordinary; you do not have a sense of the ordinary if you do not pay attention to what is normal,  you may not notice something maybe out of place. 

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